BCP-Bangchak Lubricant products

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BCP-Bangchak Lubricant products


BCP - High quality lubricant products for your car



             A Fully-synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil for high performance vehicle such as  sport utility vehicle (SUV), 4 wheels drive and new pick up truck. It is the highest yet in protection and bearing corrosion control technology with API CJ-4/SM. BANGCHAK D3 GOLD CJ-4 SAE 5W-30 performance upgrade over CI-4 and CI-4 plus with advanced technology of synthetic lubricant and additive. Have many advantage such as antiwear (protect engine), reduce soot (clean engine) etc.                                                


             For multipurpose and sport utility vehicle (MPV/SUV), 4-wheels drive (4WD), high performance diesel engine with direct injection (DI) and commonrail (CDI) systems, diesel engine equipped with exhaust system such as DPF, SCR, DOC and EGR.                                                

  • Excellent to reduce wear when start engine.                                                
  • Good synthetic oil to strenghten oil film although use in long time, so it has oil change period of 45,000 km.* 
  • Improve washing and cleaning properties to clean piston and piston ring to make highest power.    
  • Special additive to protect valve wear, piston deposit and reduce soot to make engine clean.                                              



             A fully synthetic motor oil SAE 5W-30,the highest yet in protection technology.  The real synthetic technology meet  3 requirement. API SN gives highest protection engine. ILSAC GF-5 is a new development technology for fuel economy.  Dexos 1 is developed for prevention sludge. 



  • Multigrade viscosity SAE 5W-30 (Fuel Economy) make it is excellent to reduce wear when start engine.
  • Protect valve wear, piston deposit and reduce soot to make engine clean.
  • Reduced oil consumption compared to the petroleum base oils
  • Prolong engine life 
  • Prevent oil sludge 


             BANGCHAK GE PLATINUM  is recommended for all modern technology gasoline engines which are modified for NGV/CNG/LPG, gasoline and gasohol fuel.



             A high performance gasoline engine oil SAE 20W-50, exceed API SN/CF with high protection technology, formulated with selected quality basestock and outstanding performance additives.  It is designed to provide high performance, good durability, ultimate protection for all types of engines under severe and varied operating condition such as stop-and-go driving in towns. BANGCHAK GE PLUS is recommended for all modern technology gasoline engines, flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) for gasohol  and the engines which are modified for NGV/LPG.  The benefits of BANGCHAK GE PLUS include the following properties


  • Contains large amounts of dispersancy and detergency which make excellent engine cleanliness.                            
  • Increases thermal and oxidation stability that ensure long-drain oil.                            
  • Lower oil vaporization and consumption at extreme conditions.                          
  • Highest film-strength available performs wear protection and friction reduction across a wide  range of engine operating conditions.                            
  • Oil change is 5,000-7,000 km vary to driving condition                            


             BANGCHAK GE PLUS  is recommended for all passenger cars, sport cars, rally cars either normal gasoline equipped with turbo-charged and the cars with catalylic converter. 





             A superior lubricating oil for heavy-duty diesel engines equipped with turbo-charged or super-charged. It is a multigrade oil SAE 20W-50 which formulated to exceed API CF-4/SJ standard and give superior performance for all heavy-duty engines. The benefits of  BANGCHAK D3 MAX include extended engine life, outstanding results in high temperature operations, protected engine wear and extended oil drain interval.              


  • BANGCHAK D3 MAX is designed for all heavy-duty diesel engines, truck, bus, tractor, pick up, fishing boat especially high speed diesel engine.
  • It can also be used in general gasoline engines and gasoline engines with catalytic converter.




             A single-grade lubricating oil formulated from high quality base oil  and additives. It is formulated to exceed API CC/SD.The benefits of BANGCHAK SUPER HDX include the following properties

  • Increased detergency to keep engine cleaner                            
  • Provided protection from high temperature deposits                            
  • Provided protection from bearing corrosion                            
  • Effective control of ring, piston and cylinder wear                            


             BANGCHAK SUPER HDX  is suitable for light pickup, agricultural equipment, water pump, household generator and 4-stroke motorcycles.        



              A high performance summer coolant based on mono ethylene glycol containing a balanced mixture of corrosion inhibitors. It provides good corrosion protection whether the cooling system be of predominantly aluminium or ferrous metal construction.


  • An Effictive Heat Transfer Fluid     
  • Capable of Protecting Metals Against Corrosion    
  • Reduce Evaporation Losses    
  • Reduce Water Pump Cavitation    


              BANGCHAK COOLANT is suitable for the cooling system of engines. 



              A superior quality lubricant  intended primarily for automatic transmission requirement.It results from applying high quality synthetic oil with special additives. BANGCHAK ATF DEXRON III has high viscosity index, high oxidation stability and low temperature characteristics; It also offers good corrosion protection,  excellent antifoaming and air separation properties, as well as the required constant friction coefficients.    


              BANGCHAK ATF DEXRON III  is satisfied the service needs of most of the car equipped with hydraulic transmission and recommended for the power section of many types of power steering units. It is also applied for fluid coupling system in practically every branch of the industry.

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