TOKICO No.1# for Shocks and Struts

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TOKICO No.1# for Shocks and Struts




         Over a decade that has been trusted by leading car manufacturers around the world. To be a shock absorber manufacturer Supports car vibration International quality We are proud to say that if it's not a TOKICO, it's not a shock absorber.



         Today, TOKICO is successful. And has branches spread in many countries around the world such as the United States, Colombia. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Germany and Thailand.



         In which TOKICO has imported modern machinery In order to produce shock absorber With a production capacity of 400,000 pieces / month and to support the production base relocation of Car assembly company Which has moved the production base to Thailand, thus giving TOKICO the trust To be a production center Regional shock absorbers Southeast asia Because we understand the need And car users As well And with the production of shock absorbers That must be good, must be great And having to pass every test, it can be considered that TOKICO is ready to become a leader in the car shock absorber market Fully proud

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