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Categories : TOYOTA Air Conditioning


This spare part is used for the following vehicles.

Hilux Revo GUN122R 2WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN123R 2WD "15-"On 1GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN125R 4WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN126R 4WD "15-"On 1GDFTV 2.8
Hilux Revo GUN135R 2WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo TGN121R 2WD "15-"On 2TRFE 2.7
Fortuner GUN165R 2WD "15-" 2GDFTV 2.4
Fortuner GUN155R 4WD "17-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Fortuner GUN156R 4WD "15-"On 1GDFTV 2.8
Fortuner GUN166R 2WD "15-" 1GDFTV 2.8
Hilux Revo GUN112R 2WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN136R 2WD "15-"On 1GDFTV 2.8
Corolla Altis ZWE211R 2WD "19-" 2ZRFXE 1.8
Corolla Altis ZRE210R 2WD "19-" 1ZRFBE 1.6
Corolla Altis ZRE211R 2WD "19-" 2ZRFBE 1.8
Corolla Cross ZVG10R 2WD "20-"On 2ZR-FXE 1.8
Corolla Cross ZSG10R 2WD "20-"On 2ZR-FBE 1.8
Hilux Revo KUN125L-CTFMY 4WD "15-"17 2KD-FTV 2.5E

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