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Categories : Body parts TOYOTA Lighting


This spare part is used for the following vehicles.

Innova KUN40 2WD "03-"On 2KDFTV 2.5
Innova TGN40 2WD "03-"On 1TRFE 2.0
Hilux Revo GUN122R 2WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN125R 4WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN126R 4WD "15-"On 1GDFTV 2.8
Hilux Revo GUN135R 2WD "15-"On 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo TGN136R 2WD "15-"On 2TRFE 2.7
Vios NCP150 2WD "13-"On 1NZFE 1.5
Yaris Ativ NSP152 2WD "17-"On 3NRFE 1.2
Vios NSP151 2WD "16-"On 2NRFBE 1.5
Vios NSP150L-AEMRK 2WD "17-"On 1NR-FE 1.3E
Vios NSP150L-AEXGK 2WD "17-"On 1NR-FE 1.3G
Corolla Altis ZRE141 2WD "07-"On 1ZRFE 1.6
Corolla Altis ZRE142 2WD "06-"On 2ZRFE 1.8
Corolla Altis ZRE143 2WD "08-"On 3ZRFE 2.0
Corolla Altis ZRE172R 2WD "14-"On 2ZR-FBE 1.8
C-HR ZGX11 2WD "18-"On 2ZRFBE 1.8
Fortuner GUN165R 2WD "15-" 2GDFTV 2.4
Hilux Revo GUN135L-DTFHH 2WD "17-"On 2GD-FTV(High) 2.4G
Hilux Revo GUN135L-DTTHH 2WD "17-"On 2GD-FTV(High) 2.4G
Hilux Revo GUN125L-DTFMH 4WD "15-"On 2GD-FTV(High) 2.4E
Hilux Revo GUN126L-DTFHH 4WD "17-"On 1GD-FTV(High) 2.8G
Hilux Revo GUN126L-DTTHH 4WD "17-"On 1GD-FTV(High) 2.8G

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